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Dress Code


Navy, black, or khaki (from School Belles) dress slacks in cotton twill pants

Boys in Grades 4-8 must wear a dark belt with their pants


Navy, red, or hunter green (School Belles) short or long sleeve polo style shirt


Solid red, black, or hunter green long sleeved sweaters


Solid red, hunter green, or black with the school logo


White crew or navy, brown or black dress socks, ABOVE the ankles (No sport socks or socks with logos)


Solid black or dark brown rubber soled tie dress shoes

Boat/dock shoes (Sperry/Topsiders) in gray, beige, or tan will be permitted.

Jr High boys may wear black or dark brown loafers.




Uniform jumpers in Kindergarten to Grade 3

Uniform skirts in Grades 4-8

Girls skirt may not be any shorter than one inch above the knee or 2 inches from the floor when kneeling


Khaki or navy or black dress pants in COTTON TWILL no curduroy or knit

Khaki or school plaid pants must be from SCHOOLBELLES


White tailored cotton blouse

Kindergarten to Grade 3

Solid red, navy blue or hunter green ribbed bottom knit shirts from SCHOOLBELLES for Grades 4-8


solid red, black, or hunter green long sleeved sweaters


solid red, hunter green, or black with the school logo


White, red, black, gray or hunter green KNEE SOCKS ONLY

Solid red, black, gray and white tights


Grades K-4 can only wear solid black or dark brown rubber soled tie shoes. Saddles shoes are optional.

Shoes must be no more than 1 inch high for safety.

NO ballet-type, soft soled shoes permitted.

Boat/dock shoes (Sperry,Topsiders) in gray, beige, or tan will be permitted. Must be a tied shoe for Grades K-4.

Grades 5-8 may wear brown, beige, or black sturdy leather loafers with a maximum one inch heal instead of tie shoes.


Uniform shorts may be worn on warm days from the beginning of school until October 15th and from April 15th until the last day of school

Shorts will be khaki, navy blue or black pleated walking shorts (khaki must be worn from Schoole Belles)

If an undergarment is needed under the uniform blouse or shirt it must be solid white for both girls and boys.


Girls are permitted one small pair of post earrings and a watch

Watches are permitted (Watches must have any sound devices turned off)

NO OTHER JEWELERY IS PERMITTED. Anything else including necklaces, anklet or write bracelets will be confiscated.


Hair is to be neat and out fo the vision area.  Boy's hair is to be cut above the eyebrows, collar and around the ears.

NO FAD STYLES such as coloring, highlighting, tails, razor cuts, etc.

Hair spray, perfumes and spray deodorants are not allowed at school

Girls may wear plan simple bows, scrunches, barrettes or head bands in unform color (green, red, black, white, navy or gray)

Bows, hair ties, and head bands must be solid school color.


NO Makeup or nail polish is permitted.

No makeup is permitted including mascara.  No artificial nails of any type may be worn at any time.  Only clear nail polish may be used on natural nails only.  This policy is also to be followed on Dress Down or Dress-Up Days.


Students are permitted to wear their Physical Education uniforms to school on Physical Education Days. 

However, the uniform policy will be strictly enforced.  All items must be purchased from Luna Marketing Inc. on Front Street in Berea, Ohio or by visiting

Grades Kindergarten through Grade 8

Tennis Shoes Solid color socks (white, grey, black, green, blue) which are above the ankle in length

Green or white dry-fit t-shirt with logo  ~ Long or short sleeve

Black mesh shorts with logo.  

Black track pant with logo.