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Music Education

Students at St. Mary of the Falls School attend Music class each week (Preschool through Grade 8).   In addition to music class, students have the opportunity to participate in Band (Grades 4-8) and our Parish Youth Choir.  

St. Mary of the Falls school is fortunate to utilize the Yamaha keyboard system called Music In Education. Produced by top music educators and technology designers across the nation our class set of keyboards allow students to directly access music history, education, notation, and playing techniques. Beyond what may seem like simply teaching students to play the piano, our students are further enriched by the pairing of the smartboard to the MIE system. The completely interactive and updatable system allows the technology to be fluid and always new to the students.

In class, beyond this we also learn music in movement. Dalcroze was a famous music educator that insisted we teach our students the importance of motion, expression through movement, and emotion. All children and young adults enjoy expressing themselves and giving them a positive outlet to express.