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Mission Statement

Mission Statement

St. Mary of the Falls School is a family centered community where each person is valued, respected and nurtured as a unique creation of God.  We challenge ourselves to be stewards of the world and strive for academic excellence as we work to discover God's plan for us.

Belief Statements

We believe each child is a unique individual created by God.
We believe faith formation is the foundation of all learning.
We bleieve parents are the child's first and primary educators who work in a cooperative partnership with the school.
We believe teachers and staff strive to ensure a quality education for all students.
We believe the parish and community support and enhance our school mission.
We believe the purpose of our school is to provide a faith filled learning environment.
We believe each child is a valued individual with unique characteristics who can learn and be more successful.
We believe that academic achievement is important for each child to pursue love for lifelong learning.
We believe Christian Service is an integral part of our mission.


St. Mary of the Falls School believes in a holistic approach to education.  Academic excellence and spiritual development are emphasized in a community that stresses responsibility to God, self and others.  Dedicated teachers and administrators collaborate with parents to guide each student toward self-discipline, self-respect, and self-motivation necessary to meet the challenges that face today's youth.